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In the beginning

In the beginning there was the growing realisation that things were not well. The world is changing, has changed and at times it felt a new and strange place, different from the one I grew up in. It took time to think things through and to figure out what I could do to help myself and where it was not for me to get uptight.

I then realised I was not alone in all this and I decided to share my thoughts. May they bring clarity and a bit of fun perhaps into this seemingly crazy world where crooks and gangsters rule countries nowadays and the finer art of thinking has been pushed in the background. I am convinced now that good sense will prevail even though it will come at a price. I for once believe we can make a difference as to how we feel and help those around us to live better lives too. It requires introspection and courage. It requires letting go of some of our little comforts too. But it is worth all the effort. Contentment and, dare I say the word, happiness and peace of mind are there for the taking. It’s all there. We just need to pick up the pieces and rebuild the puzzle. We can get our life back. I have.

Take care and good luck

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