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To loose a loved one, maybe the loved one, or rather just living for a short while with the knowledge of that it happened or might about to be happening, is an experience I wish no one. Yet, I guess, we all will, to some degree anyway, live through something like that one day. Your Carl Brandauer has just been through such an experience. Everything got resolved in the end, surprisingly, ending in baffling fashion, as unexpectedly sudden as it began, yet for a while it was real and the effects of it all really rather linger inside. I’m definitely not over it yet.

A friendly priest once said in a sermon I listened to ‘we will all suffer one day’. Those words have acquired a new meaning for me. That much is certain.

A whole lot of nice things, never said before, are now said, whilst there is still time. Time, oh you illusive beast. We spend it as if we had infinite amounts of it. We haven’t. If you have anything kind to say to those who matter in your life, say them soon. You might not get another chance for surprises are just that, surprises, and they always knock on the door of your life when you don’t expect it. We never do, do we?

Wake up from that denial and let go of your little inconsequential and futile angers with those around you in your life. Forgive too, whilst you still can. Settle what you can settle and settle it well. It sets you free and you won’t have regrets when crisis strikes.

I wrote in earlier reflections about Living In The Present Moment and Letting Go. I am going to read those again this weekend.

I have a lot of thinking to do now. Who knows, maybe some of it will be worth sharing with you all at some stage.

Take care and good luck

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