Christmas 2020

I would like to wish my readers a merry Christmas. May you find some peace today.

It’s a Christmas like no other I remember. My thoughts go out to those who work today, who worked last night, to those who have no work, to those in fear and despair, to those suffering from the pandemic in whatever shape or form, to the lonely, to those who can’t have peace in broken homes. My list is long.

It’s also the last Christmas before life in this country will change significantly. Our foolish leaders may gloat in what they call so sickeningly ‘a deal’ with Europe. With our European friends, so they call them. Throwing over board nearly 50 years of hard fought legislation over cooperation in an act of political vandalism which has no equal in my life time is not what friends do. Not in my book anyway. The utter self righteousness on display together with blind foolishness has finally reached a conclusion, one which will cause so much more suffering. And it’s been sold as a success to the gullible man in the street by narcissistic incompetent leaders who should know better and, frankly, ought to be ashamed of themselves. But shame is a currency of little value nowadays. It’s emetic.

History will not be kind with our times and with those who were supposed to lead us through them. Of that I am certain.

And yet, I will doggedly carry on caring for those around me, mend bridges I have perhaps too helped to let deteriorate. I shall exercise compassion where I can. I will not succumb to use the same tools that are the signs of our times. Lies, deceit, near fascist methods in forcing others to think along misguided initiatives and ideologies. I will continue to say what needs saying in these times where free speech is no longer possible without punishment, for radical wokeness and gone crazy political correctness drives fear into us.

I have never been a racist, judged people by their sexual orientation or religion but when things are not right yet we need to be afraid of saying so, then the ‘Never Again’ mantra instilled in my generation when we were young has not succeeded in getting through. When I hear the likes of Trump, Johnson, Gove…the lot of them, when I see the all SS style black clad border force officers in this country….I could go on and on .. then I cannot help but feel that the spirit of Goebbels is alive and kicking, that we have not learned from history, on the contrary, our leaders have perfected their lies beyond anything the Nazi propaganda machine appeared to be capable of.

I can’t change all that but I can make a difference in my immediate surroundings. That I shall continue to do. And I will call a lie a lie, a creep a creep, a wrong a wrong and never surrender my thirst for the very freedom so many gave their lives defending. There is hope in the little acts of kindness we are still free to show a neighbour or stranger even. We are still free to examine our conscience and act compassionately and kindly. We are free to forgive. We are freer ourselves if we do.

To all of you who over the year have been kind I offer my sincere thanks. To those I may have hurt I ask for forgiveness.

I wish you strength, fortitude, patience, hope and courage. We will need all of it.

Merry Christmas

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