3. Advent – Gaudete

Only a few words this week.

It’s Advent. For me always a time of reflection, anticipation and a certain waiting for Christmas. And tomorrow is ‘Gaudete’ Sunday. It means ‘Rejoice’.

I abandoned long ago the joining of the chorus that decries the commercialisation of it all, the glitter etc etc…No one forces me to join in! Let those who love glitter, have glitter and be happy with it. Let those in need of retail therapy have it too. And let’s also decide to spare those who celebrate Christmas along Christian traditions from the usual cynicism by self proclaimed know-it-all’s.

Advent, to me, provides also a change from the dark and gloom of November. Short days. Long nights. Frost. Wet. Ugh…not my thing.

We all need something to look forward to, do we not? And the waiting in anticipation during Advent is part of it. For me anyway. It gives me hope. Ah, hope, and her little sister, joy, what would become of us without them? So, as in the meaning of ‘Gaudete’ Sunday, rejoice!

I am spending this advent in self reflection as every year, over all the things that happened, are about to happen, are happening, both within and outside.

And I am looking forward to Christmas.

Take care, enjoy Advent and good luck

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